How To Pack For An Adventure Outdoor Trip

Who hasn’t looked at a picture on a pamphlet or switched through a nature documentary on TV and thought: “man, I want to be there.” Fortunately, you can. You just need to be very careful about doing it. The thing about the great outdoors is that they’re outdoors - there’s always something there that will surprise any city-dweller.



So if you want to make your outside trip a little less nightmarish and more Insta-worthy, here are some basics guidelines in packing for your next great adventure.

You can’t bring your bed with you.

Remember: the comforts of home are very far away when you’re outside camping. When you’re getting on that road trip, prepare to leave all of that behind. Of course, that’s all part of the experience! So bring the barest of essentials with you: a blanket to lie on, cold clothes, rations, maybe a canned meal or two if you’re planning to stay a while. It’s a jungle out there (and sometimes, literally.)



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Food and drink is a necessity.

The human body can only go so far without food and water. Not all the streams that you’ll encounter on the trail are drinkable, and not all berries are good to pop in your mouth. You need your own supply of rations and water, and the know-how to get any more if you find yourself lacking.



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Choose your electronics.

Here’s something you don’t want to bring: anything that gets wrecked by a small cup of water being thrown on top of them. While our smartphones and cameras are amazing at what they do, a huge stream of water, rain, or any other liquid in the wild won’t really make excuses for that. Unless your electronics are specifically designed to withstand such impact, leave the electronics at home.



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In case that you did bring something electronic (or have stuff that you don’t want getting wet,) try using the Forte Waterproof Backpack. This waterproof backpack has room for all your wilderness essentials and can take a beating from the elements and the trek itself.

Think about your other necessities.

In the hustle and bustle of packing for a trip, it’s easy to think about the things that you need to bring, but not the stuff that’s already with you. For most people, this includes things like medication and personal hygiene products. If you’re leaving for a while, get at least some of these essentials with you, as we can guarantee that there is no supermarket on that mountain trail.



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You can easily look up a list of things to pack for your adventuring trip, but it’s also important to remember to not skimp out on the necessary stuff. While you are in the wilderness, you’re not supposed to go wild. So pack well and have fun out there!