Best Waterproof Hiking Jackets for 2019

So, you've finally planned your next camping trip and you're itching to go and explore the outdoors. You have your gear, your essentials, and your itinerary...but something seems amiss.



Of course - what are you going to wear? You never want to get stuck out in the elements wearing the wrong gear! Because there are so many choices, it can be hard to decide - so, we've taken the liberty of making your search easier!

The jacket is a basic, key essential in exploring the great outdoors. After all - what you wear can  ultimately benefit you in the long run. Combining technology and fashion, newer and more creative designs are being churned out every year.



Of course, if it isn't waterproof then it's not for outdoors - at least, practically speaking. Following the current trends, we've put together a list of the best waterproof hiking jackets for this year:



Alpha Outdoor Jacket


The Alpha Outdoor Jacket has it all - thermal, waterproof, windproof, you will be prepared for any harsh weather that comes your way! You don't have to sacrifice comfort over style or vice versa, because this jacket has both. All you need is a portable power bank so your jacket has something to heat up with. Pair your jacket with the Cityscape Beanie for a complete, stylish outdoor look!



Suggested: Cityscape Beanie



Atlas Outdoor Jacket


Cute and puffy, the Atlas Outdoor Jacket is a unique, one of a kind piece that has risen in popularity among outdoor lovers. Feel the warm hug of a marshmallow as you explore the outdoors. Adjustable sleeve straps allow you to protect your arms and upper body completely from the cold, and hidden zippers come in handy for any situation! For any enthusiastic adventurer, this jacket wears like a favorite companion and friend.



Voyage Outdoor Vest


Couple your favorite, warm long sleeve top with the Voyage Outdoor Vest for a daring and stylish adventure. This style is especially trendy among athletes and outdoor sports fans, designed specially for flexibility and ease. The vest fits like armor against the cold with convenient, secure side pockets with zippers just in case - you never know when you need both your arms! You can choose between different colors depending on your preference.



Aside from jackets, it is also important to remember to wear the proper pants, shoes, hats, and even eyewear for full protection.

These jackets are high quality tools to help you truly enjoy the outdoors, not just endure it. With any of these jackets, you will surely stay toasty, comfortable, and dry - you won't have any excuse to not go!



It's time to enjoy the full experience of nature and everything around it. You're welcome!